Our Vision

At BMI we believe in helping people assess and enhance their cognitive skills. We combine science and technology to make high-quality psychometrics tools available to everyone.

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Brain Metrics Initiative™ (BMI™) started in 2011 in London as an independent network of individuals interested in researching human intelligence. 

In 2014 the founding team of BMI, formed Brain Metrics Initiative, Ltd (CY). Our mission is to combine the power of technology and science to democratize access to psychometric tools online. We have successfully launched a suite of high-quality products that are scientifically backed and accessible to the public. 

Dedicated to providing the latest cutting-edge technology and science methodologies in psychometric testing, cognitive intelligence, and wellness, we have a vast R&D pipeline with several new products under development. 

The BMI team consists of scientists, researchers, educators, journalists and professionals especially interested in how intelligence research findings can be effectively applied in everyday professional and personal life and how individuals can benefit from them in order to enhance their personal skills.